Rwanda Bufcafe - Nyarusiza Station


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Rwanda Bufcafe - Nyarusiza Station

The Bufcafe washing station was first opened in 2000 with the assistance from the USAID Pearl Project and the Rwandan Development Bank. It was created to rebuild agriculture in the area following the genocide that occurred in Rwanda in 1994. Bufcafe has two washing stations in the mountains near the village of Karaba. With the development of these washing stations and the onboard of hundreds of individuals working, these rural communities have seen much growth and development.

This coffee is processed following the Rwandan standards, with a floating tank sort, 8-12 hour dry fermentation, second sort for weight using water shoots, then a 24 hour soak prior to hand washing and hand sorting, concluded by placement on raised drying beds on the mountain valley floor.

Tasting notes: Mandarin, Mellon, Chocolate, Rich
Roast level: Light
Availability: Limited

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