Brazil Minas Cerrado


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Brazil Minas

This farm-direct coffee is one of the sweetest and cleanest of any Brazilian coffee we have ever cupped!  

Our friend Bruno's family has a 100-hectare farm in Minas Cerrado Brazil, his neighbors produced this coffee on their Lagoa Farm under the "Macaubos Plot".  Bruno imports these coffees directly to the midwest and delivers them to our roastery in his van.  We cup coffees, talk about coffee, learn about his family and their neighbors plots and how they grow and process their coffees to achieve such fantastically clean and nuanced cup qualities.  We have a couple months of this particular lot in supply, after which we will be selecting new coffees from Bruno and his friends that represent this dynamic region.  In this way we can build long term relationships with small farms producing excellent quality.

Tasting notes: Sweet, delicate, almond, strawberry candy
Roast level: medium/light
Availability: Semi-stable

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